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Tiffany Walker(IEA Coach)

Tiffany knows all the right ways to coach her team riders to "ride" their horses, therefore, 2 become 1. Tiffany is always striving for perfection and won't let anything get in her way! She creates the drive, the determination, and the dedication to make top riders.

Sandy Walker

As Sandy has been in the horse business for more than 40 years, she has been there, and done that. She is the toughest equitation drill sergeant in the industry! She is great at starting her students out on the right foot by teaching them to "feel the horse." Rhythm is her middle name!

Tammy McConnell

Owner of Somerset Sporthorse. Tammy is excellent in teaching all levels of students and making them be the best they can be! She is not only a provider but accommodates to all needs! She specializes in finding the perfect horse/rider combination!


Somerset Sporthorse is a hunter/jumper facility located in Chicago's northwest suburbs. We offer lessons, boarding, and showing from walk/trot to competitive A circuit riders. 


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